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Company Facts

Pack Lab was founded in 1991 to provide GMP packaging services to the nutritional 

supplement industry.  Since then we have augmented our bottling capabilities with 

high-speed packeting and have become one of the leading, independent nutritional 

supplement packagers in the country. 


Our modern, 30,000 sf. facility, located in sunny San Marcos, California about 

45 minutes north of San Diego, is easily accessible to most major highways, 

airports and commercial freight lines. 


Our automated, high-speed packaging lines will produce over 100,000 bottles 

and 150,000 packets daily with strict compliance to CGMP processing.

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Pack Lab, Inc.

1010 Rancheros Dr.

San Marcos, CA 92069-3031

Main: 760-480-5696

Fax: 760-480-5698


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Driving Directions

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Mission Statement


To become a world leader in nutritional supplement packaging by always delivering finished 

product at the highest possible level of quality, on time, every time.


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Executive Bios


Marshall J. Simon

Chairman of the Board


David Greenlee



James Leach

Vice President of Operations 


Eve Markou

Chief Financial Officer 



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