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Our headquarters, located in San Marcos, California, is comprised of

30,000 square feet of space organized into a separate, sealed production

room, warehouse storage for raw materials and incoming product, label

storage and administrative offices.

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Equipment and production areas are regularly inspected to insure 

cleanliness, machine readiness and employee safety.  Periodic 

preventative maintenance procedures are performed on all machines 

to maximize our production output.  We are ready when you are.

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OTC Certification

Pack Lab Inc. has had Over-The-Counter certification since September, 2000.  This 

authorization, which was issued only after a rigorous inspection of our procedures and 

facilities, is beneficial in two respects:

    1.  It permits us to package and process our customer's over-the-counter 

         (non-prescription) pharmaceutical products.

    2.  It demonstrates our commitment to quality standards that are among the highest 

         in the industry; following the strict guidelines established for pharmaceutical products.

For more information contact us at info@packlab.com.

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