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Pack Lab supplies a wide variety of containers for customers in the 

vitamin, nutritional supplement and herbal products industries.  

Whether the finished product is a bottle, sample packet, daily-dose 

pack or metal-lid can, every job is given the same courtesy with 

attention to detail and is done in a meticulously clean, pharmaceutical-level 

facility.   Well-trained technicians operate our nine-(9) bottling lines. 

This allows us to meet all your requirements and also provide the best 

price-performance values in the industry.



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Precision Packets

High speed, high volume packet lines produce excellent supplement packets

using a variety of flexible substrates; from saran coated polypropylene to 

barrier metalized, laminated film.  Quality shows itself in the details.  We can 

produce any variety or combination of caplets, tablets and/or gel-caps in a 

single packet.  For example, packet seals are crisp and clean, print is easy 

to read.  We also have the capability to seal your boxes in a clear overwrap.


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Powder Packaging

Pack Lab Inc. has added the capability to package powder into plastic jars, bottles or 

fiber/composite cans.  Our high speed powder filling equipment can accommodate up

to 6,000 containers per day, depending upon product density.  We employ state of the

art metal detection to make sure that each container is free from metal contaminants

and is safe for human consumption.


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Professional Services

Professional Services is ready to assist you during all stages of pre-product 

production from planning and design through the production scheduling and 

management.  Our expert consultants provide supplemental resource and 

independent perspective to meet your emerging or existing product needs 

from planning and design, through implementation and ongoing management.


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Customer Support

Pack Lab is committed to the highest levels of customer support.  We are here 

to answer questions during regular business hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (PST).  

Please contact us at:  (760) 480-5696.  Or by via e-mail:  info@packlab.com.


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